Pre-retrofit Home Energy Assessment - MANUAL BOOKING ONLY (DO NOT PURCHASE without specific direction from GreenUP's Registered Energy Advisor)

Pre-retrofit Home Energy Assessment - MANUAL BOOKING ONLY (DO NOT PURCHASE without specific direction from GreenUP's Registered Energy Advisor)

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STOP: do NOT pay for this unless your GreenUP Registered Energy Advisory has confirmed a date/time booking with you manually and provided you with this hyperlink to pay for your pre-retrofit assessment. Paying for this will NOT secure an appointment or an assessment: you must book your pre-retrofit assessment directly with your energy advisor before paying here. 

If you arrived here by accident and want to book a pre-retrofit assessment through one of our regularly scheduled options, please click here for information.

Pre-Retrofit Assessment:

A home energy assessment is an evaluation of the efficiency of your building. A home energy assessment helps you identify areas where you could improve energy efficiency — for example, by sealing air leaks or adding insulation. Your assessment report will identify a range of improvements you can make to increase your comfort, health, and energy savings! 

There are a wide range of reasons a homeowner may want a home energy assessment, such as to obtain a baseline and comparison on how your home is performing, to provide clear next steps on what home energy efficiency actions will make the biggest impact in your home, and/or to participate in incentive programs, such as the Canada Greener Homes Grant and Enbridge Home Efficiency Rebate.

There are two kinds of assessment, pre-retrofit and post-retrofit. Please ensure that you book the correct type of assessment that aligns with your postal code. The most popular assessment booked is the PRE-retrofit assessment.

A home energy assessment looks at:  

  • Air leaks and drafts  
  • Gaps around doors and windows 
  • Indoor air quality  
  • Insulation levels 
  • HVAC equipment (= heating, ventilation, and air conditioning)
  • And much more!  

Before you book, please note these requirements for an energy assessment:

  • Your home cannot be under any renovations at the time of the assessment (i.e. drywall, insulation, windows, siding, cabinets, heating/cooling systems, etc.). All exterior openings must be sealed (windows, doors, fireplace dampers, crawlspace, attic hatches, etc.).
  • Your home must be in habitable condition.
  • We cannot perform assessment on multi-dwelling buildings, apartments, or office buildings. If your home has an apartment within it, or if the basement can only be accessed through a separate entrance, please call GreenUP’s Home Energy Helpdesk at 705-536-9943 to discuss eligibility.
  • Have your property tax bill and roll number ready for your advisor.
  • Be sure to clear access to all areas and mechanical systems of the home (including the attic and crawlspace)
  • If applicable, sweep your fireplace and close dampers to avoid soot from being drawn into your home. Do not have a fire within 24 hours of your assessment.
  • Homes that do not meet the above requirements upon the arrival of the Registered Energy Advisor will not be provided with an assessment and will receive only a 50% refund.

If you are unsure if your home meets the eligibility we are here to help!

If you have questions, please call the GreenUP Home Energy Helpdesk at 705-536-9943.