Myni 3 in 1 for Kids Starter Set - 4522

Myni 3 in 1 for Kids Starter Set - 4522

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A starter set for kids shower needs. Comprising a 3 in 1 gel which comes in a powder which can be re-hydrated with water, and a 400 ml wheat straw spray bottle. 


The 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner, and body wash transforms into a gel like texture when mixed with water,  and is made without sulphates, toxic ingredients, and animal cruelty. It is also packaged in a compostable wrapper, which decomposes in 28 days. 

The two primary ingredients in the 3 in 1 are oryza sativa starch, and carrageenan. Oryza sativa starch is also known as rice starch. It is known to strengthen hair roots and absorb excess sebum from the skin and scalp, while also moisturizing your skin.

Carrageenan is a plant-based substance similar to gelatin. It gives the product a smooth and creamy consistency. It helps your skin retain moisture and makes it soft and supple while also moisturizing and effectively detangling your hair.


The spray bottle is made from wheat straw, which is an innovative bioplastic derived from agricultural waste. Wheat straw is impact resistant, durable, and also biodegradable, capable of being composted in 9 months under decomposing conditions.