Feather Friendly® Window Collision Tape - 2201

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From the Feather Friendly® website:

"Feather Friendly® window markers are an easy-to-use scientifically proven solution for preventing bird collisions with glass surfaces. Feather Friendly® window markers are highly effective in making the area visible to birds and preventing deadly collisions while remaining unobtrusive to humans."
FLAP Canada, Audubon, American Bird Conservatory

Triple Roll Packs are $55.00 Single Roll Packs are $22.00

Light Grey markers are recommended for most reflective or mirrored areas. Light grey is much more visible on  glass, and is effective at preventing bird window collisions.

Black markers are recommended for fly-through areas like clear glass railing systems. Black can be much more visible on both sides of the glass, making them effective at preventing fly-through collisions.

What’s Included?

DIY roll(s) in colour of choice (Light Grey or Black)
2 paper measuring tapes
Application squeegee
Installation instructions

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