Wonders of Water - Rent H20 To Go Kits Here

Wonders of Water (WOW) is a water education program dedicated to sharing the fun and importance of water into local classrooms and homes. 

Portable water education kits known as “H20 To Go” can be rented for use at home or with youth groups. Below you will see five kits, each with a unique theme and activities and games inspired by the Peterborough Children’s Water Festival.


Rental periods are for one week: pickup Saturday and return the following Saturday. After use, bins will remain in isolation for 72 hours following the COVID-19 recommendations of Peterborough Public Health. We then clean and prepare bins to be ready for the following rental period. 

We are currently offering rentals on a first-come-first-served basis: please email leif.einarson@greenup.on.ca if you are interested in renting an H20 To Go Kit!