Cheeks Ahoy Hemp/Bamboo Facial Rounds

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Green-up your daily facial routine by eliminating single use cotton balls and facial rounds. Cheeks Ahoy hemp and bamboo facial rounds are a great reusable and washable replacement. They are durable and hypoallergenic, perfect for removing make-up, applying toner, and exfoliating the face. These facial pads are also a great size for little ones to clean their faces after brushing teeth. Edges are surged for durability and to prevent fraying.

Made from premium hemp and bamboo. Each pad is 2 ply and approximately 3" diameter. Care: First if needed, loosen stains with a cold rinse, then a warm or hot wash with your detergent of choice. Tumble dry or air dry.

*Do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets as these can decrease absorbency.

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